Gold Protein Peptide Thread Carving SET X 4 boxes - One Month Treatments

Gold Protein Peptide Thread Carving SET X 4 boxes - One Month Treatments

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Product Description

Line carving facial wrinkle reduction and fine lines lifting firming essence
Product name: Gold protein peptide thread carving
A set includes: one bottle of thread (20 threads), five bottles of essence

Main ingredients: bird's nest, nano collagen thread, hexapeptide, nano pure gold, yellow sunflower extract, Neem bark extract


Gold Liquid Ingredients: Glycerin, Sodium Hyaluronate, Nicotinyl Limbs, IRISPALLIDA Root Extract, Centaurea CYANUS Flower Extract, Allantoin, African Neem (Triethanolamine, Laurinol) , Bis (hydroxymethyl) imidazolidinyl urea


Efficacy of Gold Liquid: Gold is combined with plant extracts, mellow texture, replenishes nutrients and moisture to the skin, relieves dryness of the skin, diminishes fine lines on the skin, and persists in creating a plump, firm, youthful, and radiant skin.
How to use: Spray the golden liquid evenly on the golden lines on the face and massage until absorbed.


Collagen line components: silk extract, small rain bird's nest extract, silk greasy protein, centella asiatica (CENTELLAASIATICA) extract, oligo brain-1. oligopeptide-2. gold

Collagen line effect: Specially added gold component, fusion polypeptide component, silky firm and rich, light nourishment, strengthen the youthful skin texture horizontally and vertically, enhance skin firmness, improve skin fine lines and make skin elastic and firm


1. Plump the apple muscles;

2. Lift the jaw line;

3. Remove the yellow gas on the face;

4. Lighten the nasolabial lines;

5. Remove eye wrinkles;

6. Lighten the forehead lines.

Usage: (1) Clean the face

(2) Spray gold liquid on the face for the first time, so that the protein thread can penetrate the skin

(3) Straighten the golden bird's nest collagen thread from the chin to the back of the ear to lift the face.

(4) Straighten the corners of the mouth to the ears

(5) The last step is to spray gold liquid, hand in circular motions, and massage for absorption. It is very convenient for thread carving at home.

Advantages: Wrinkles are effective in one go.

Main items: The protein thread is used up in one time: four on the left and right face, three on the forehead, and one on the chin; it will be absorbed by the skin during use and can be used once a week.
Gold liquid: Use a whole bottle of gold liquid for the first operation, and divide the remaining four bottles into 2 times. Spray on the face every morning and evening. 5 bottles are recommended to be used up within 10 days.


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