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Line carving facial wrinkle reduction and fine lines lifting firming essence Product name: Gold protein peptide thread carving A set includes: one bottle of thread (20 threads), five bottles of essenceMain ingredients: bird's nest, nano collagen thread, hexapeptide, nano pure gold, yellow sunflower extract, Neem bark extract Gol..


1. Deep moisturising 7-day treatment with low-molecule hyaluronic acid in ampoules.A professional preparation with strong rejuvenating and antioxidant action with a high content of low molecular weight (LMW) hyaluronic acid. It directly influences the inhibition of the wrinkle-formation process, improves skin firmness and pigmentation, and act..


1.Contain rich VC, effectively brightens up your skin while eliminating melanin pigments2.Produces reaction between high concentration of VC extract and melanin, minimizes the melanin to light pigment3.Pepair skin from sunburn and other problems, such as peeling, caused by a long-term improper treatment.4.Thoroughly improves skin repairing ability ..

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