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Face cream for men "Regina Roses"Volume: 50 ml.Light moisturizer preventing the signs of skin aging, enriched with highly effective components.Contains BIO PEPTIDE-CL – hi-tech product with clinically proven anti-wrinkle effect of up to 45-50% reduction of wrinkle depth within one month. The formula also contains Bulgarian rose oil with nourishing ..


Volume: 50 ml.Extremely gentle and quickly absorbing cream.Contains 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil. Softens, soothes and protects the hands from the external stress factors. ..


Nourishing soap "Regina Roses" for menVolume: 100 ml.With a relaxing and enchanting fragrance of rose oil, this soap has an expressed aromatherapeutic action.Regina RosesA premium line featuring Bulgarian rose oil and rosewater. All products in the line are based on natural ingredients, without added colors, preservatives and petroleum-derived mate..


Premium Men’s skin care With Rose oil Of Bulgaria Includes hydrating anti-age cream, soothing after shave cream gel and energizing shower gel Hydrating anti-age cream for men. Hydrating anti-age cream for men - Light hydrating cream preventing signs of skin aging, enriched with highly effective components. Contains BIO PEPTIDE- CL – hi-tech ..


Soap for men "Rose of Bulgaria" Volume: 100 g. A luxurious cosmetic soap for men. Delicately clean in depth the skin, keeps its moisture and makes it soft, elastic and smooth. A perfect combination of delicate washing effect and typical long-term man roma.Natural rose water, included in the ingredients, is incr..


Volume: 75 ml.Extremely light, non-greasy formula soothing and protecting the skin after shaving. Provides instant comfort.Ensures long-lasting hydration, deeply restores and regenerates. The special hyaluronic acid, bisabolol and creatine complex strengthens the barrier function of the skin, reduces redness...

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