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100% Pure & Organic Supplements and Personal Care Cold Pressed, Unrefined..


Botanical Name: Oenothera biennis Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Description: Organic Evening Primrose Oil is rich in gamma linoleic acid and omega fatty acids which can be used to rejuvenate and moisturize the skin. Being an unrefined organic oil, Evening Primrose has retained most of its nutrients which would make it a wonderful addition to cosm..


Black Cumin Oil, also known as Black Seed Oil, is extracted from the seed of Nigella sativa. The product is dark amber in color with a characteristic herbaceous aroma. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicinal applications. Today, Black Cumin Oil known for its nutritive properties is used throughout the nutritional supplement and pers..


Organic Virgin Argan Nut Oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa). This rare oil is unrefined and carries a light yellowish clear appearance with a mild characteristic taste. Virgin Organic Argan Nut Oil has a distinct natural aroma that may be considered pungent by end-users. Organic Virgin Argan Nut Oil is popular in the ..


Botanical Name: Camellia sinensis Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Processing Type: Refined Obtained From: Seeds Description: A wild flower which grows in China and Japan. This natural plant oil contains anti-oxidants that help to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair and skin. Color: Yellow to golden yellow liquid. Aromatic Description: Has very littl..


Vitis Vinifera (Cold Pressed, Filtered) Organic Grape Seed Oil is used widely in applications ranging from culinary to cosmetics. The oil is filtered and carries a dark green appearance accompanied by a characteristic odor and taste. Organic Grape Seed Oil is rich in the essential fatty acids Oleic (C18:1) and Linoleic (C18:2) and has a relatively ..


Rosehip oil is extraordinarily useful due to its unique composition. There is plenty of vitamins С, A and Е in it, as well as saturated and unsaturated fatty acids that promote normalization of cell exchange and strengthen protective barrier of skin. Having regenerating properties, rosehip oil will help to get rid of various skin defects, to heal w..


Emu oil is produced from Dromaius Novaehollandiae (Emu), a bird native to Australia. The oil is rich in essential fatty acids with a naturally high content in oleic acid. Uses of fully refined emu oil vary widely from food to cosmetic applications...


Ribes Nigrum (Cold Pressed, Refined) Black Currant Seed Oil is extracted from the seed of the plant Ribes Nigrum. It is known to be rich in the Omega 6 essential fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid C18:3n-6) and is also a good source of ALA (α-linolenic acid C18:3n-3), an Omega 3 essential fatty acid. The GLA content in Black Currant Oil typically..


Botanical Name: Macadamia integrifolia Extraction Method: Cold Pressed Processing Type: Unrefined Obtained From: Nuts Description: Macadamia Carrier Oil is a fantastic regenerative oil. It is high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, contains palmitoleic acid (promotes young soft skin), as well as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Color: Pale yellow to ..


Botanical Name: Brassica Oleracea var. Italica.Extraction Method: Cold PressedProcessing Type: UnrefinedObtained From: SeedsOrigin: CanadaDescription: The Broccoli Seed Carrier Oil is extracted using cold press method without the use of solvents, chemicals, or preservatives. The fatty acid composition of this oil is unique and composed of approxima..


The Siberian people have used pine nut in traditional medicine for centuries. This is a secret of their good health and longevity. The only way for those taking care of their health is Siberian Pine Nut Oil retaining all wonderful properties of the pine nuts. Due to the unique cocktail of vitamins (A, B, E, P, F), minerals (zinc, copper, iodine, ca..


Due to natural richness in vitamins, essential fatty acids and nutrients, Sea Buckthorn Oil is known to be unique nutritional supplement. Recommended for use in desserts, creams, as vegetable and fruit salads dressing. How to use: 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day Storage: in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening. Made in Uk..


Amaranth seed oil means health and beauty without side effects! Amaranth seed oil is a vitamin mix of biologically active substances. It contains 77% of fat acids, 8% of squalene, 9% of phospholipids and 2% of phytosterol as well as vitamin E, carotinoids etc. Amaranth seed oil contains vitamins A, E, F which are a necessary for healthy and beautif..


Having stimulating effect, effectively restores a skin tone, recovers the tired and flabby skin, and increases its elasticity. Is a strong antioxidant and rejuvenating agent, smoothes wrinkles, prevents an early ageing of skin. The oil is especially recommended for care of the mature, tired skin which has lost its tone. It can be used for care of s..

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